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Twin Brother Impersonates Local Pastor

by Elroy Willis

TULSA, OK (EAP) -- Rumors were confirmed today that a Tulsa man tied up his twin brother and impersonated him on the pulpit of the Assembly of God Church in Bixby.

Otis and Frank Simpson, twin brothers, are well-known for their frequent disagreements about religion and politics according to Fran Simpson, Otis's wife of thirty years. She says Frank and Otis are always arguing about their religious beliefs and recalled a recent argument between the two in which Otis said loudly, "This is the last straw Frank, I'll get even with you."

On Sunday, September 6th, Otis proceeded to tie up Frank in his basement, then dressed himself in Frank's Church attire. He then headed off to the Assembly of God Church in Bixby and took his brother Frank's place on the pulpit for the early morning service, and began telling the congregation that the Bible is full of lies.

"We had no idea that it wasn't Pastor Frank up there," said Mrs. John Powell, a member of the congregation. "He was telling us there is no God, and that Jesus is just a fairytale, and there's no Heaven or Hell."

"We just couldn't believe what we were hearing," said Tom Simmons, another member of the church. "Many people were so upset that they got up and walked out of the service."

"He passed out magic markers and had us marking out parts of the Bible," said Susan Willoby of Bixby, OK. "Most of us went along with this, but we were feeling quite strange about it," she said. "We just assumed it was all part of God's mysterious plan for us or some kind of test to see if we'd stay in our seats."

A few people stood up and cheered "It's about time the truth was known," as others sneered at them.

At that point, Willoby said that some people were actually swinging and shaking their Bibles at each other, and one man actually started a fist fight with another man after being struck in the forehead with a Bible and poked in the eye with one of the magic markers.

"All I could think as I watched all of this was 'Oh my God, what's going on here?'"

Returning from an overnight visit with her sister in Stillwater, Mrs. Simpson discovered her husband tied up in their basement. After she removed the duct tape from his mouth he explained what had happened and she couldn't believe it.

The Bixby police department dispatched two patrol cars to the Assembly of God Church to investigate the matter.

When Pastor Simpson was interviewed after the incident, he said he felt bad about it, but will probably not be pressing charges, nor will the Church. "This is a total embarrassment to myself and the Church, and we don't want to make a big case out of it," he said.

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