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Superglue Kills New York Priest

by Elroy Willis

NEW YORK (EAP) -- A Catholic priest was declared dead on arrival yesterday from complications caused by urinary backup after a young boy squirted superglue into the Priest's urethra. The boy was apparently a victim of repeated sexual abuse by the priest and wanted to put an end to it any way he could.

Father Frederic Bernaldi was rushed by ambulance to St. Mary's hospital after a church janitor found him half-naked and lifeless in the back of a basement closet.

"We've seen blocked up urethras before, but never one that was superglued shut," said Dr. Ted Ingram, attending physician, who pronounced Bernaldi dead on arrival. "He'd been dead for at least a day, after his bladder burst and poisoned his bloodstream. People can't survive very long after that happens," he said.

After the story was broadcast on the evening news, a young boy whose name is being withheld came forward to his mother and admitted what he did. He told her about the priest molesting him, and how he wanted it to stop.

It remains unclear whether the boy's mother will press charges against the Catholic Church to gain some compensation for what her son has gone through.

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