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New Christian Sect Supports Paul Bunyan Story

by Elroy Willis

SALT LAKE CITY (EAP) -- "Paul Bunyan and His blue ox Babe formed the Grand Canyon," is the latest message from a new splinter group of Christians which made the news this week.

"After years and years of no proof of an actual world-wide flood and plenty of evidence against the idea, we had to make a compromise," says Tom Gibbons, leader of the new group which has yet to decide on a name for itself.

"We could no longer believe that a world-wide flood created the Grand Canyon and be honest with ourselves at the same time, so we didn't quite know what to do," Gibbons said.

"Our new group is composed entirely of anti-deluvians, and we all believe that God is way too loving and merciful to ever kill so many people and babies and animals with an actual world-wide flood, so we decided to start a new group which supports the Paul Bunyan story instead."

"There are several lumberjacks in Christian history, and even Jesus Himself was a carpenter who required lumberjacks to bring him wood that He made things out of."

"The legends of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe creating the Grand Canyon are well-known and passed on to our children by many people in our neck of the woods, and even by some people up in Canada. Also, the stories about Paul and Babe aren't nearly as gruesome as the stories about God drowning people with a world-wide flood," Gibbons said.

Several Old Earth Christian leaders say that claiming Paul and Babe actually created the Grand Canyon is blasphemy or "just plain stupid" and say that the Colorado River explains how the Grand Canyon was actually formed.

Young Earth Creationist groups claim that the Grand Canyon was formed less than 5000 years ago, and that the Colorado River explanation and the Paul Bunyan story make a complete mockery of the Bible flood story and deny God's awesome power to destroy sinners.

"Everyone but eight people deserved to die and God killed them all with a flood and there's no room for discussion," they said.

"We take offense to that claim, and believe that Paul and Babe formed the Great Lakes as well as the Mississippi river," the new group claims.

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