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Preaching Parrot Set Free to Spread the Gospel

by Elroy Willis

EL PASO (EAP) -- An El Paso man claims to have successfully trained his 10-year-old pet parrot to preach the Gospel of Jesus, and plans to set it free in an attempt to educate the avian world to the joys of Christ.

William Jones, 32, of El Paso, personally baptised his pet parrot Waldo in the name of God (see above picture), and claims that Waldo has received the Holy Spirit of God which enables him to communicate with other species of birds who lack the ability to directly understand the words of God.

Jones says that he spent several years trying to preach to birds around his town, but they would always fly away when he got very close to them. He does, however, claim to have had some luck with pigeons at the town park who he preached to as he fed them popcorn.

"Waldo is obviously a messenger from God," Jones says.

"He seems to understand what the words of Jesus really mean, and out of the blue one day he said `Bird No Kill' after I recited some Bible passages to him about killing being wrong."

"I'm hoping Waldo can convince the other birds to love all forms of life and to quit eating bugs and worms and fish and road-kill and all of the other animals that predatory birds eat. I think Waldo is capable of converting all of those other birds to a vegetarian lifestyle where they only eat seeds and plants and vegetables," Jones said.

"Things might be tough when Waldo has to confront the raptors like the eagles and hawks, but I have faith that God will give Waldo the power to convince them of their evil ways of flesh-eating and merciless killing, and perhaps he will be able to tell them the tale of the lions laying with the lambs, if they're willing to listen."

"Woodpeckers might present a problem for Waldo too, but I have faith in God and the Holy Spirit which fills Waldo," Jones said.

Seen above, another pet parrot that Jones has been training is about to be set free, with its eyes focused on a nearby mockingbird that's chasing a grasshopper.

"If Waldo can talk some sense into the mockingbird, then I think he has a pretty good chance of convincing it to quit eating insects and other animals, since mockingbirds are pretty good at imitating other birds."

"Hopefully they'll get the message and will be able to spread the words of Jesus to their own offspring and other birds, and heaven will be filled with the sounds of all kinds of bird songs as well as beautiful harp music as we all rejoice in the presence of God, and put an end to the needless food chain caused by the sins of Adam and Eve," Jones said.

Jones has received opposition from several local environmental activists who claim that releasing Waldo into the wild to preach some Gospel of Peace and vegetarianism might disrupt the entire food chain and have a dramatic impact on our own lives, but Jones says that such worries have no merit, and says that Jesus will take care of everything, even down to reorganizing the beaks and digestive systems of all the birds who choose to give up their killing ways and adopt a peaceful life of seed-eating and vegetarianism.

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