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Waco Woman Attacks Four Leaf Clovers

by Elroy Willis

WACO (EAP) -- "Four leaf clovers are evil and must be uprooted" said a Waco woman to doctors as she was being stitched up at a local hospital after being attacked by a neighbor's dog while searching their backyard for demonic clovers.

34-year-old Francene Williams says she received a message from God in a dream that told her to rid her neighborhood of all clovers which have more than three leaves.

"God told me that three leaves are perfect, just like the trinity, and that He never intended for clovers to have more than three leaves. He said Satan was responsible for the extra leaves, and that I should rid my neighborhood of the works of Satan," she said.

"God dosen't like superstition cutting in on His territory, and wants everyone to stop such practices as believing that four-leaf clovers or rabbits feet are good luck. People should trust in Jesus and His Holy blood to provide them with good things, not luck based on superstition."

Williams was apparently wandering through her neighborhood at night with a flashlight looking for the evil clovers when she was attacked by an angry Pit Bull which was trying to protect its owner's property. She hit the dog over the head with her flashlight trying to drive it away, but it only made the dog angrier and bite her harder.

"She was bleeding really bad from all the bites," said Thomas Davis, who treated Mrs. Williams in the emergency room at a local hospital.

"We feel bad for Mrs. Williams," said Jeff McLawson, owner of the dog. "She shouldn't have been on our property, especially at night, since we leave our dog outside at night to guard our property. "Our dog has been trained to attack any intruders, and we have a sign posted on our fence. Mrs. Williams obviously ignored the sign," he said.

Williams claims that the dog is possessed by Satan and that the McLawsons are intentionally growing a large patch of four-leaf clovers in their backyard, and that their dog attacked her when she got too close to the patch.

Williams is scheduled to enter psychiatric evaluation next week to see if her story is just a product of her imagination.

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