Religion in the News

See if you can figure out which of these stories are true.

Archived Stories

Kentucky Couple Names Their Baby 'Covfefe'
Child Molesting Priest Killed With Superglue
Hunters Burn a Bible to Survive a Blizzard
Empty Caskets Found in Houston Cemeteries
Communion Ceremonies Under Attack
Holy Hemorrhoids in Jerusalem
Fire Starting Chimp to be Destroyed
Air Force One is Rapture Ready
Alphabits Cereal Under Attack
Big Bob is Dead
Four Leaf Clovers Under Attack
Parrot Set Free to Spread the Gospel
Philippino Man Regrows His Hand
Man Found Dead on a Bed of Bibles
Phillip Morris Charged With Blasphemy
Christian Sect Supports Paul Bunyan Story
Atheist Twin Impersonates His Pastor Brother
Mormons Picket Venus Razor Sales
Vandals Weld an Erect Penis on Jesus Statue
Communion Wine Spiked With Viagra